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Surveillance options for your home, packaged for your ease of use

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PowerShield PSD650




We have all seen many movies where the power is cut to turn off the cameras in a spy movie. Great gimmick on film, but having your power go off does leave you vulnerable. Even if the power goes off for just a few minutes, the reboot of the system can take some time.

The PowerShield PSD650 Defender is more than a surge protector (though it does that too!). It provides 6+ minutes of backup power support while your power cut is being remedied. The Defender Range uses Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to minimise the effects of fluctuations in input voltage. Therefore it protects your valuable equipment from power line disturbances.

The stylish LCD display and user replaceable hot swappable batteries makes the Defender the complete package at this price level.

This device pairs fantastically with our Gold Surveillance Package, Silver Surveillance Package, and Bronze Surveillance Package.


  • Surge Protection: Offering the best protection in its class, the Defender protects against damaging surges
  • Informative LCD display: Modern, stylish LCD display indicates voltage in/out, amount of load and remaining capacity
  • Microprocessor control: Excellent Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
  • Buck and Boost AVR for Voltage Stabilization: The AVR automatically bucks/boosts unstable fluctuating utility voltages, bringing them within 10% of nominal voltage range and thereby protecting valuable equipment.
  • Hot Swappable batteries: Batteries are easily hot swappable and user replaceable, extending the service life of your UPS
  • Silent Operation (no fans): Power Shield Engineers have designed the Defender range to run cool without fans. This makes it the perfect complement to Audio Visual
  • Auto restart when AC recovers: After an extended power outage the UPS will turn back on and resume equipment functionality once power has returned




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