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Surveillance options for your home, packaged for your ease of use.
DIY or professionally installed 03 222 3288 [email protected]
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Surveillance options for your home, packaged for your ease of use

DIY or professionally installed

03 222 3288

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About Us

Based in Christchurch, Home Surveillance Ltd are suppliers of home security systems throughout New Zealand.

We’ve got a Mission

Everyone has a right to a safe and secure home, whether you’re there at the time or not. It is said “our home is our sanctuary”, and it should be. A place where our families sleep peacefully, where valuable items and heirlooms are kept.

Unfortunately, this also leaves our peace of mind vulnerable to threats real and perceived. Perhaps you have been a victim of theft in the past, or maybe you have neighbours who have and ever since you’ve been a bit wary at night. Maybe you have fur-babies at home all day while you’re working that you want to check on. Or maybe you have teenagers with a habit of sneaking out at night…

Hmm…where is that peace of mind and restful sleep now?

Well, using some pretty cool technology, we can help make that happen.

Meet Ron

Hello! My name is Ron Montgomery, and I help people feel safe and secure in their homes with home surveillance.

I live in Christchurch and I’m a proud father of 2 little kiwi kids who keep me busy when not on the job.

Originally from Canada, where I worked in home and commercial surveillance for 6 years, I have called New Zealand home since 2012. Since arriving 9 years ago I have had a career in the travel industry, which has taken quite the blow thanks to Covid-19.

Fortunately, I had my past work experience in surveillance which allowed me to relaunch my career, and so Home Surveillance Ltd has risen like a phoenix from the ashes!

It has been a great experience getting back into this industry, learning all about the changes in the technology.

One determination I made right at the beginning was that I was going to only offer the best products by the best manufacturer. No mincing about with cheap rip-offs and wanna-be products, just the best. This meant Hikvision would be our core product.

So when you need home surveillance, I’m the guy on the other end of the phone or email. When you aren’t certain which way to go and what package is best for you, I’m the guy who will help you out.

Welcome to Home Surveillance, and thanks for popping by.

Ron Montgomery and family
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