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Surveillance options for your home, packaged for your ease of use.
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Surveillance options for your home, packaged for your ease of use

DIY or professionally installed

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Surveillance Protects

– Your home

– Your family

– Your possessions

– Your peace of mind

Take control of your home’s security

Did you know? The average response time for a classic security system is 8 minutes before the police are called. After that it is an additional 5 minutes to 2 hours before the police arrive. In that time your home has been cleared out and your precious belongings are gone. There is no record of the intruders to help recover your possessions. Some things insurance can’t replace.

What if instead of relying on an outside company, you were immediately notified via smartphone app or SMS? As soon as you received an alert you could view the camera feed and see what set it off. You could then make an immediate decision to call the police. What if instead of hoping the neighbour saw something, you had high quality video to use in identifying the thief?

Well, that is exactly what you can do with our Hikvision powered surveillance products, packaged for your home. 

Introducing ColorVu Technology

ColorVu Technology enables cameras to produce colorful videos even in extremely dimly lit environments.

This greatly increases the ability to recognize intruders, giving increased detail to their facial features and helping identify their clothing and vehicle color.

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Our Most Popular Surveillance Packages

Our TOP Pick

ColorVu Surveillance Packages

Our premium surveillance package for residential needs.

This is the surveillance plan to take care of your home and family. The AcuSense smart surveillance technology will greatly reduce false alarms by up to 95%. In addition,  the ColorVu imaging gives you better than human eye colour night time recording. This is the product for the best peace of mind security. This system will alert you, via smartphone SMS or app, of any person or vehicle intrusions, while filtering out dogs, cats and the weather.

 Who is this for: Home or bach owners wanting quality video recording day and night, without being bothered by false alarms.

DarkFighter Surveillance Packages

Our “value” surveillance package for residential needs.

Don’t be left in the dark! Roughly 90% of theft-related crime occurs at night, when visibility is lowest. Hikvisions DarkFighter technology will keep your property safely monitored with peace of mind day and night, whether you are home or not. Upgrade your home security to high definition and you’ll know about an unexpected guest before they reach your front door.

Who is this for: Home or bach owners wanting quality video recording day and night, with a slightly smaller budget. 

Didn't find what you were looking for?

We can create a custom solution for residential or light commercial applications.

Contact us directly to discuss.

Ron and the team helped me secure my property with a high quality surveillance solution after I wanted an extra layer of reassurance for my family and I.

Ron’s prompt, professional and friendly service is second to none. He has superb product knowledge and had a security solution sorted for our property in no time.

Ron has a natural ability to go above and beyond for his clients, as such I would recommend both his service and his products to anyone looking at investing in home security.

Andy Pender